Küberit® Euro-Step® Star

The new star amongst the profile systems for the floating installation of LVT, and high quality stairs:

  • The narrowest stair nosing profile system worldwide with optimal expansion joints
  • Application area of 4 - 9 mm (for carpet floors up to 12 mm)
  • Based on the award-winning Champion- technology with sliding grooves
  • Use of Torx-screws and reinforced countersunk bore-holes ensure optimum mounting.

In case of sloping or straight fastening of the planks on the riser, Küberit offers a sloping edge and a straight edge. For open stairs a fitting facing edge is also available.


  • pour revêtements sols bois et stratifiés
  • pour tapis
  • pour revêtements design / élastiques
  • à visser

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Küberit® 325

für LVT-Designbeläge von 4 - 9 mm



Euro-Step® Star

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