Küberit® PPS®-Champion flex

On base of the high-quality parquet and laminate profile system PPS ® -Champion , Küberit designed PPS ® -Champion Flex. The system distinguishes itself by a new and unique joint which ensures an optimal inclination adjustment of the cover profile. The three-part profile system automatically and infinitely levels variable height differences up to 12 mm of different floor coverings. The screw heads are flush with the base-profile even in case of high inclination, allowing an optimal positioning at any time. PPS ® -Champion Flex is adaptable to transitions of equal levels for all hard floor coverings from 7 up to 17 mm.

  • for wood floors and laminate

materials and colours

Küberit® 287N

border profile, for floorings of 6,5 - 16 mm

Küberit® 287NB

border profile, for floorings of 6,5 - 16 mm, with large base profile

Küberit® 886

adapting profile, for floorings of 7 - 23 mm

Küberit® 888

connecting profile, for floorings of 7 - 17 mm


PPS-Lifter made of glass-fiber reinforced plastic (GFRP)