Changes in the product-range

Please pay attention to our product changes

Product changes, especilally improvements are necessary and are listed here.

In our new printed brochures and catalogue you will find the latest version, but as we have many brochures and catalogues distributed you may find here the important changes.

Not available any more

Euro-Step 420 L and 421 L

We already informed in 2015 that the two stair-nosing- systems Euro-Step 420 L and 421 L are going out of our production program.

These two-part stair nosing systems and not availabel anymore and are replaced from the newer and better stair solution Euro-Step Champion type 320 (7-16 mm).

here the corresponding website

Changes 2018

We made several changes in the complete production program. With the new price lists no. 155 for 2018 we already included all these changes. In the PDF files below you get a detailed information about all these changes.

Changes in the program and price list Küberit-Best 155

Changes in the program and price list Profile-Systems 155



Changes 2017

At the beginning of the year, we first pointed out the planned technical optimization of our profile system PPS®-Champion. We are pleased to announce that the conversion will take place on 01.09.2017.

Please find complete information here (PDF)


Changes 2017

At the beginning of the year, we first pointed out the planned technical optimization of our profile system PPS®-Allrounder. We are pleased to announce that the conversion will take place on 01.09.2017.

Please find complete information here (PDF)

Changes 2017

The following decors will be taken out of the program in the long term and will not be included in sample collections:

H10, H50, H84, H90

Delivery while stock lasts. Küberit 13th April 2017

Changes 2016

Please find below the changes 2016

Changes in the Küberit-Best 153 range (2016)

Changes in the Profile-Systems 153 range (2016)



  • The edge trims 210-215 are only in countersunk drilled vision available!
  • The color aluminium polished has been canceled for:
    PPS Magic and PPS Champion XXL / XXL-S

Discontinued items 2015

The following items will be taken out of the program:

  • Küberit-Best profiles 232 H, 233, 233 SK, 242 U, 340, 220, 205 U, 920
  • Inserts 2510/10 and 2511/10
  • Wood decors H50
  • Euro-Step 420 L and 421 L
  • Step-Clip 521 and 521 L

Delivery possible while stocks last.

The following items are out:

  • Stairrods 10 mm
  • Wood decor H32
  • Wood decor H10 for type 247, 290, 438 and 510
  • Wood decor H10 as self-adhesive version for PPS


Changes 2015

Please pay attention that the following profiles are not any more offered in polished version:

369 SK, 369 N/SK, 8070 IW, 870 IWG, 871 IW, 871 IWG

Changes within the decor H30

Due to technical changes we started already to produce the wood decor H30 with the digital printing technology. The advantages are a more envireonmental product. The surface changes a little bit and due to the new production. Please pay attention to this changes and ask us for the new samples of H30 in case you need them.

New packing for wood decor foils and real wood veneer stripes (Jan. 2013)

Due to improvements we changed the packing of our wood decor stripes and real wood veneer stripes.

The new packing is a transparent blister box as on the photo.

Küberit-Best profiles with Torx-srews

In the course of 2009 we have been replacing the existing screws for our premium and valued Profile Systems by our new TORX-screws with extremely positive response from the markets we serve. This success and their proven fixing properties encouraged us to make a complete switch to this new type of screws.

Successively in the next coming months as from March 2013 the new proven TORX-screws will accompany both Küberit-Best profiles. To make the craftsmen aware of this change we put an additional sticker on the packaging.

These are the TORX-sizes used for the Küberit-Best profiles:

Screw diameter 3,0mm=TORX T10

Screw diameter 3,5mm=TORX T15

To make sure you receive the Küberit-Best profiles complete with screws and dowels, we strongly would advise you to order in the SB-or SBS-type of packaging.


Our stairrods are stated in older catalogues in 5 m. Please note that the length of 5 m is only valid for brass polished. The versions brass nickel-plated bright and brass nickel-plated mat are only available in 2.5 m.

New PPS-Lifter for PPS Champion XXL

For the profile system PPS Champion XXL we offer a new PPS Lifter. With this Lifter you can increase + 7 mm and + 14 mm.

type 710

The stair nosing profile type 710 in brass (F7) will be replaced by type 711 in brass (F7).

Change-over to Torx screws for Küberit profile systems

We would like to point out that we have changed to torx screws for our Küberit profile syestems as already anounced. We will use torx screws according to ISO 10664. We will use the following torx screw sizes for our top profiles:

PPS-Champion XXL
torx screw sizes T15
torx screw sizes T10
PPS-Champion flex
torx screw sizes T10
torx screw sizes T10
torx screw sizes T10
torx screw sizes T10
Euro-Step Laminat / Champion
torx screw sizes T10
Euro-Step Parkett
torx screw sizes T15

The corresponding base profiles will be available with the torx screw sizes T 15, as well as the profile systems to clip. We will place an advice in each packaging for the installer.

Stairrod eyes

The stairrod eyes have been changed and are only available with grup screws to fix the stairrods.

PPS 384 anodized colours

The version parquet has been replaced by PPS Champion XXL (see under product -> PPS Champion XXL)

PPS 384 laminate with wood decor

386 LH / 387 LH / 388 LH are not available any more. Please use instead the type 286 H / 287 H / 288 H see PPS Champion.

PPS 384 laminate anodized

This version was replaced by PPS-AS (5-11.5 mm) please contact us for further information.


Euro-Clip for parquet in the anodized version and polished is not available any more with plain surface, but in a fluted version. 

Out of programme articles

Following articles are out of programme:

Wooddecor: H21

Decor: H60

Changes of type no's

The following type no's have been changed:

program accessories stair nosing systems

old 3400 -> new 400 mounting edge

old 3401 -> new 401 facing edge

old 3402 -> new 402 sloping edge